wedding cakes.

A CBA wedding cake is made to be enjoyed and remembered. Each creation is made with care to suit the bride and groom’s taste, personality and aesthetic. I never make the same wedding cake twice.

I offer a range of interesting, seasonal flavours, and use fresh flowers and foliage to transform the cake into a work of art. 

For those interested in ordered a cake for their special day, I can arrange a time to meet with you for a complimentary cake tasting and consultation. These meetings are a casual sit down at my kitchen bench where you can sample a range of cake flavours, and we can start to plan your bespoke wedding cake. Alternatively, I can put together a tasting box for you to collect at your convenience.

please note, I am booked up for the following dates in 2020 : 25th Jan

and closed for a summer holiday 25th Dec - 10th of January



If you like what you see, please send through an enquiry using the form below, including as much detail as possible.

I look forward to working with you to create a beautiful wedding cake for your special day

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How do you intend to serve the cake?
This will help work out how much cake you will need.
I offer a complimentary cake tasting and consultation for all wedding orders, or you are welcome to pick up a tasting box to try at home. You can choose up to 6 flavours from the selection below to try. A number of the cakes can be made gluten free (GF), dairy free (DF), or vegan (V). and are indicated below, although unless you specify, the cakes will made in the standard recipe (with flour, butter, etc)
Please note, I don't offer fruit cake or red velvet cake.
If you have a handful of guests who have gluten or dairy intolerances, or are vegan, I can add additional mini cakes to cater to them.
What is your preferred way to do a cake tasting?
Cake tastings generally take place on a Saturday, and take approximately 20 minutes.
Any initial thoughts on how you would like your cake to be styled? Scroll through the images below and tell me your favourites. I don't make the same cake twice, but it will give me a good starting point!